One major reason why digital marketing fails in large organizations is that the organization either outsources the service, or they depend on the IT department to perform marketing tasks. The problem with the first situation is that it leaves the organization with very little control over the entire digital marketing process. It also takes longer to effect any changes that may need to be made to a marketing campaign, which results in ads cannot be fully optimized for success. The second situation is the most common among local companies. Digital marketing is considered a task for the IT department. What organizations don’t realize is that digital marketing is really just that – marketing. Giving a programmer a marketing job is as good as asking a tennis player to play the striker in a football match. It just won’t be effective.

So how can your organization make sure that it is benefiting from digital marketing? The solution I am offering today is very simple. Get your whole team trained on all the fundamentals of digital marketing. As a business leader, this is the best decision you can ever make for your organization. The statistics show that many Africans are online and search for information on the internet. Taking your marketing efforts online will not only ensure that you reach a wider market beyond your country’s borders but will also establish you as an authority and expert in your industry.

Below are four reasons why you should invest in some in-house digital marketing training:

1) You save a lot of money

The most logical way of running a business is by making sure expenses do not exceed the income. Your business should be able to maximize each expense in order to make a profit. Now, if a business spends more money than it makes from marketing, there is a huge problem. Sadly, this is normally the case with many local businesses. Some of the expenses that an average business incurs in the name of marketing include agency fees and billboard rentals. Usually, these charges are very high and there is hardly a way of tracking the profits gained. When you take your marketing online and train your team on how to do it efficiently and effectively, you save yourself a lot of money. Most marketing tools have free trials so you are able to test if your campaigns are actually working before you invest too much in them. Doing marketing yourself means you won’t have to pay a third party anymore. On top of that…

2)  You can control the marketing process

When your whole team is hands-on in the marketing process, you can control every aspect of each campaign.  You have power on when the ads go live, who sees them and what actions these people should take. You also control the message that you want people to get from your advertising. Because everything is done in-house, from creating content to optimizing campaigns for a specific market, very little can fall through the cracks. But in case something does go unnoticed the first time around…

3) Adjustments can be made as quickly as possible

Have you ever been in a situation where you submit your advert to a TV station or a marketing agency to put on a billboard for you, then after the ad is up, you notice a few errors that you need to fix? The frustration of not being able to fix those errors is, in most cases, very crippling. Sometimes you try to fix the errors, but the adjustments are not normally affected as quickly as they should. Sometimes your adjustments are not made at all. When your own team is handling digital marketing, you are able to make these changes as soon as they need to be made. You won’t have to wait for long periods of time before any real action is taken.

4)  You build a strong online image

You may be thinking: I can still do that with a third party, can’t I? The answer is, of course, yes. But here’s the difference: A third party is not invested in making your brand shine as much as your team is. Your team wants to be associated with a company that is considered a leader in the industry. If they are part of the process that makes you a leader, the better. When your own team is handling the marketing, it’s not just a matter of getting the job done and getting a paycheck. They will take pride in your company’s success. And that is why they will go the extra mile in making sure your online image is very strong.

Next steps

I am sure that by now you understand the need for you to get a digital marketing training for your whole team. Your next question will probably be: Who do I send for this training? Because your online image must be consistent with what’s on the ground, you need to involve as many people as possible, not just the marketing team. It’s a good idea to involve the IT department,  top management, sales people and executives. That way, everyone has an appreciation of what you are doing, and the transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing will be that much smoother.

You can book a training session with me here. My training will equip your team with all the skills necessary to create and implement successful digital marketing strategies. We can also customize your in-house training to make sure that you’re getting the exact skills you want for your team. Go ahead and set an appointment today.