Digital marketing auditing is something that you need if your business intends to fully utilize the power of digital media for marketing. The insights provided by the audit are important for decision making as far as the future of digital marketing for your business. ‘Build and shelf’ is what most businesses do with their digital marketing.

The ‘why’ of a digital marketing audit

Learn from your efforts. Knowing what is working so as to improve on it is the key to success. It is unfortunate that most businesses cannot tell what has been working in their digital marketing efforts. When its clear that a digital channel has not been producing desired results then the necessary decisions can be made. Most of the times though, the metrics used to determine whether something is working or not are not the correct ones.

Re-align your priorities. Over the years we have seen that businesses are more focused on their social media channels than on their websites. This has caused harm especially with search engines and content marketing. After the digital marketing audit, it will be clear what’s really important for any business to focus on. With a new focus and energy results can be expected.

Discover the gaps in your digital marketing. There are low hanging fruits that business miss because they are used to the way they have been doing things. Having a different professional perspective to the business may reveal some simple but effective ways of growing using digital channels.

Get a solid strategy. Digital marketing is not good to have feature, it is a business growth tool. After the audit, a solid digital marketing plan will be created together with your team. That plan which is business-centric will bring the business on the right path as far as digital marketing is concerned.

Discover the news skills your team needs to be effective digital marketing marketers. There are times when the ‘nerds’ seems to be the perfect people and they know everything. The digital marketing audit will reveal the things that the team needs to learn to keep delivering.

What does the digital marketing audit achieve?

The digital marketing audit produces a detailed report that shows some insights. The recommendations in the report can then be actioned by your team or required experts.  The following areas of digital marketing are covered in professional audits:

  • Social Media Marketing. The fact that a business has a huge following and engagement in their social media platforms doesn’t mean that their social media is profitable. The audit will unearth any untapped opportunities in the social media efforts, strategy and campaigns.
  • Website Effectiveness. Most websites are not business tools i.e. they do have any effect on the business’ bottom line. The audit will reveal the actions you can take to make your business website more useful to the business.
  • Analytics and Big Data. In the digital age, decisions must be data driven. The first mistake made by most businesses is not collecting enough information. Gut-feeling decisions are great but they will be smarter if they are validated by data. After the audit, a list of data to be collected for future use will be made available.
  • Strategy Audit. Sadly, most corporates use digital technology for support and customer interfacing only. Their marketing departments have the least level of digital skills. The strategy audit aims to validate if the underlying assumptions to the digital marketing efforts are valid and can be achieved. Realignment of the business goals and the strategies to the digital marketing efforts.

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