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Need help with Digital Marketing? 

Digital Marketing Consultant

Get specific advice for your business from Trust. He has more than 10 years experience helping businesses like you do digital marketing profitably.

Online Courses

Becoming a Professional Digital Marketer is a long journey and self-paced learning is the solution to gain mastery. Get expert coaching from Trust online.

Marketing Skills Training

Most marketers are book people but struggle to deliver results when duty calls. Get the skills that make marketers shine in this age! Skills can be developed. 


Search Engine Optimization

Ranking high on Google for your brand, products and services is a sure way to generate consistent business. SEO makes you visible to buying customers.


Cyber Security Training

The world is presented with a new challenge to keep the bad guys out in a connected world. Security is now more personal and important than ever.

Web Development

Websites are business tools. I can help you make a website that generates business for you! A good website has a contribution to the bank account.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the promotion of products or services using internet-powered technologies. Digital marketing cannot happen without internet connectivity.

According to Hubspot, Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers.

Digital Marketing is for who?

Digital marketing can be a career or augmenting skills set for any other profession. The essence of doing digital marketing is to gain visibility to the intended audience online. Visibility is important for business, career and personal development goals. For this reason, i am convinced that digital marketing skills are for everyone including you!

What’s involved in Digital Marketing?

Becoming a professional digital marketing is more that Social Media marketing. Its all things marketing on the internet. There are many subjects in digital marketing. While specialization is very important to excel as a digital marketing, it is important for professional digital marketers to have a firm understanding of all the foundational concepts of digital marketing. 

1. Website Management.

Websites are the core of digital marketing. Websites are the online offices. Digital marketing which leaves out website lacks a long-term perspective. Professional digital marketers must learn how to manage websites. WordPress is a good place to start.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is not spamming. Email marketing is an effort to generate business from business contacts via emails in a systematic way. Email marketing is done through tools and involves a lot of automation.

3. Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

There are more than 2 billion Google searches in every 26 minutes. Search engines are trusted by billions globally to give answers to burning questions they have. Imagine your product or service being recommended by Google?

4. Analytics and Big Data

In the digital age decisions must be made based on data. Gut feelings are great but data driven decisions are more likely to stand the test of validity. Digital marketing is anchored by Analytics and Big Data. Data collection, presentation, analysis and decision are critical to the DNA of digital marketing.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are like the busy streets online. Billions of people are found there. Reaching out is easier there than anywhere else. Digital marketers need to master the art of getting people to know about their brands, products and services on Social Media. The critical part is here is generating business from social media activities.

About Me

Trust Nhokovedzo is an international digital marketing consultant and trainer. He is the founder of Afrodigital Skills Training (afrodigital.org) and a senior consultant at Calmlock Digital Marketing. He also works for Red Mud Media a global digital agency based in London. Recently, he has been engaged by the Marketing Association of Zimbabwe as a Digital Marketing Facilitator.

Trust brings broad-based and valuable insights into digital marketing and digital strategy formulation gained from more than 10 years of extensive work experience advising clients and providing solutions for online marketing, SEO and AdWords, whilst also a web designer and developer.

In an era of disruption in the modern day communication methods, one of the key priorities for Trust is to help businesses and people in Africa to embrace digital marketing. He has trained more than eight thousand people on various digital marketing topics at different conferences in the past two years. Trust has worked with several reputable brands which include; Econet, CBZ, Daily News, Financial Gazette, Techzim Marketplace, Hammer and Tongues, MetBank, Africom, Capri and many more.


“Trust Nhokovedzo is a rare breed of people who set high standards for themselves and invests their energies in achieving and maintaining those standards. He is one of the first people to actively embrace and conscientize the market about benefits of SEO and digital marketing. During the time we were working together he successfully set up, optimize and train our biggest clients on SEO with class and confidence.” Edward Chikoto, Dandemutande

“I have worked with Trust at MAZ as one of our Digital Marketing trainers. He is knowledgeable about the area of digital marketing and is able to practically guide the participants on the digital concept in a way that leaves them well equipped to apply what they have learnt. He has also trained a number of our corporate members through our interactions, and we have received positive feedback from the engagements”. Enia Zimunya, MAZ